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With the blueprint, you’ll be on the path to living outside the daily grind, maximizing your income, and taking vacations to top shelf destinations. Whether you’re a new Partner learning the Success Secrets or looking for a refresher, the power to succeed is right here:  



  1. Click HERE to download the 4 Steps to Success Document

  2. Click HERE to download the Launch Your Business Document Part 1 Document

  3. Click HERE to download the TEXT your way to Success Part 2 Document

  4. Click HERE to download the P2S Travel Is Simple Document

  5. CLICK HERE to download the Incentivized Sharing Document

  6. CLICK HERE to download the Scripts for Text Messaging Document

  7. CLICK HERE to download the Team Email PDF (6-min. video, text instructions, etc.) *VIP!*

  1. Click HERE to download the Dreams, Goals & Why Document

  2. Click HERE to download the Power of Duplication Document

  3. Click HERE to download the Get Qualified, Paid & Promoted Document

  4. Click HERE to download 4 People Can Change Your Life Form

  5. Click HERE to download the Travel Agent Email Document

  6. Click HERE to download the P2S Customer Document (For Trial Customers)

VIP Websites to know:

To access various videos (Comp Plan, Dreamcation, HotelSite, ETC.), click on the yellow button above.